1 1/2" Diamond Core Bit for Glass & TileZoom

1 1/2" Diamond Core Bit for Glass & Tile

1 1/2" Diamond Core Bit for Glass & Tile
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1 1/2" Diamond Core Bit for Glass and Tile

This 1 1/2" diamond core bit is the most popular bit with plumbers. Plumbers??

Yep. Drilling though ceramic tile for drain lines under sinks and lavatories.

You'll be surprised at how easy it is. The secrets in your Helpful Hints Drilling Guide and the 1 1/2" diamond core drill are your ticket to finishing your project quicker.

Your order includes:

  • FREE "How-To" Drilling Guide so that you don't waste your drill bits, glass, time or money.
  • FREE shipping saves you money
  • 100% money back, no risk guarantee

These diamond core bits, or diamond hole saws, are the best value that you’ll find on the web or anywhere else.

  • You'll drill 1 1/2" holes in glass, glass block, tile and stone
  • Perfect size for kitchen sink drain pipes
  • 1" depth of cut, 1/4" arbor or shank
  • Fits your hand drill or drill press
  • Designed to be used wet, with lubrication

It really is an easy decision. You’ll be glad you did!
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