How To Make a Bird Feeder

How To Make a Bird Feeder
How Do You Make a Bird Feeder| To Make a Bird Feeder

How To Make A Bird Feeder

This is a simple but beautiful project.
Rated -- Easy for beginners.

You’ll need:

Materials List:

  • 1 porcelain teacup and saucer
  • 1 wooden stake for the stake/stand
  • 1 each, ¼” wood screw (about 1 1/2” long) and a flat washer

    Tools List:

    • 1 tube of glue for glass and tile (optional)
    • 1 5/16” or 3/8” diamond core bit
    • 1 1/8” diamond core bit
    • 1 drill, drill press or rotary tool (such as Dremel)
    • 1 hammer to pound the stand/stake in the ground

    This teacup bird feeder project is extremely easy to make. You only have to drill one hole in the center of the teacup and saucer, for the screw. But, we recommend drilling two smaller drain holes near the outside edge of the teacup and in the saucer so that rainwater will drain out without you having to empty the teacup.

    This bird feeder project can be made using teacups, coffee cups or soup cups. We found quite an assortment at garage sales, flea markets and local thrift shops. This teacup came from a local thrift store.

    We chose a teacup and saucer with a pastel garden design on it. You can also choose a plain white, off white or solid pastel colored teacup to use as your “blank canvas”. Then you can decorate it with beads, paint or stencils. This is your creation. LET'S GET STARTED....

    To Make a Bird Feeder

    Drill a 5/16” or 3/8” hole through the center of the bottom of the teacup and the saucer. A diamond core bit works best. You’ll need a hole large enough for the screw to fit through easily.

    Next you’ll drill two 1/8” diameter drain holes in the bottom of the teacup, near the outer edge. Drill two drain holes in the saucer too. The holes don’t have to line up with the drain holes in the teacup but try to keep them close for better drainage.

    When drilling with small diamond core bits remember to:

    • Use a slow drill speed of 1500-2500 RPM
    • Use light drill pressure
    • Keep the drill bit and the glass wet

    Next, glue the teacup and saucer together being careful to line up the center drilled screw holes.

    You can use almost any 2” X 2” X 36” board as the stake/stand for your bird feeder. We were lucky to find a bundle of 12 stairway balusters at the same thrift store. We painted the stake white. The stakes can also be made from copper pipes or electrical conduit.

    Hammer the stake into the ground. Put the wood screw through the washer, teacup and saucer. Screw it into the top of the stake. Do not over tighten or you will break the teacup and saucer!

    Optional: Place a small scrap of fabric, window screen or landscape fabric in the bottom of the cup to prevent the bird seed from falling through and clogging the 1/8” drain holes in the tea cup.

    If you have original artwork, we'd love to feature it (and you) on our website and blog. Please email a short description of what you do, how you do it and a few pictures or video. We can only publish pictures and descriptions of original work
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