Core Bits for Drills and Drill Press

Discover how easy it is to drill glass and minutes. FREE drilling guide. FREE shipping.

Diamond core bit, diamond hole saw, glass hole saw. Three names for one diamond drill bit.

Your a lifesaver! Your information for
drilling glass, was wonderful. THANK YOU!�

--Becky C. in Erie, PA

With these diamond drills you'll:
  • drill glass block
  • drill wine bottles
  • drill ceramic tile
  • drill porcelain and china

The 1/2" Diamond Core Bit is the most popular size for putting strings of lights inside glass blocks and wine bottles.

Your order includes:
  • FREE "How To Drill Glass" instruction guide so that you don't waste your drill bits, glass, time or money.
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  • 100% money back, no risk guarantee

A diamond core bit and some easy to follow instructions were all they needed. You're next! Are you ready for the compliments, rave reviews, hugs and high fives?
  • A diamond core bit cuts out the "circle of the hole". Then the middle part (the plug) just falls out. Easy!!
  • Use diamond core bits to drill holes in thick glass like glass block and wine bottles.
  • Use diamond hole saws to drill holes in tile, porcelain, ceramics or soft rocks like limestone.

"Your drilling tips are very helpful. Thank you."
--D.G. in Stewartsville, NJ
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