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3/8" Diamond Core Bit Fits Dremel Tools
3/8" Diamond Core Bit Fits Dremel Tools
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Product Description

3/8” Diamond Core Bit fits Dremel Tools

Are you drilling glass? Ceramic or porcelain tile? This 3/8” core bit (diamond hole saw) is a popular size for a lot of glass craft projects. Drills a hole to fit almost all lamp cords and the 3/8” rods used for making lamps.

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These diamond core bits, or diamond hole saws, are the best value that you’ll find on the web or anywhere else.

  • You'll drill 3/8” holes in glass bowls, ceramics and tile
  • Perfect size for lamp cord
  • 1" depth of cut, 1/8" arbor or shank fits your Dremel® tool
  • Fits your Dremel® tool or rotary tool
  • Designed to be used wet, with lubrication

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