ON SALE TODAY - Diamond Drill Set Wine Bottles & Glass BlockZoom

ON SALE TODAY - Diamond Drill Set Wine Bottles & Glass Block

ON SALE TODAY - Diamond Drill Set Wine Bottles & Glass Block
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Learn How To Drill Wine Bottles
and Glass Block

Bob sent us an email. The subject line was one word "Help".

His wife had seen wine bottle lights and lighted glass block "Christmas presents" at their church's fall festival and she knew she could do it too. They decided that Bob was production and she was the artist.

Bob's problem was that he didn't know how to fulfill his end of their new project.

We emailed him a copy of the drilling instructions and recommended the two most popular sizes for drilling wine bottles and block, the 1/2" and 3/4".

Maybe you've seen the wine bottle lamp at a craft show or saw the glass block holiday decoration at a friends house. Or seen them online. On Pinterest? "How'd they do that?" You can too!

It's easy....a few simple instructions and a diamond drill bit. No special drill, no expensive setup.

FREE "How To" Drilling Guide

You get complete, easy to follow drilling instructions with your order.

“You’re a lifesaver! Your information for
drilling glass, was wonderful. THANK YOU!”

Becky C. in Erie, PA

Imagine the shining lights inside the glass block or wine bottle.

  • Make Christmas glass block, lit from the inside.
  • Lighted decorative wine bottles.
  • Unique, glass block lights.

Use your creativity to make unique "one-of-a-kind" lamps and glass block crafts.

  • FREE "How-To" Drilling Guide so that you don't waste your drill bits, bottles and glass block.
  • FREE shipping saves you money
  • 100% money back, no risk guarantee

1/2" is the smallest hole you should use for your glass block light. The 3/4" hole is a little bigger and is easier for removing the lights if a bulb burns out.

This set has both the 1/2" and 3/4" glass drill bits!

"Your...glass drills worked great! Thank you so much."E.G. in New Brunswick, NJ
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